Online Reputation Management 101: Can You Remove Negative Reviews?

For the past few years, many businesses have acknowledged how important it is to stay watchful over comments people say online about their products or services. Indeed, many companies allot resources for online reputation management or ORM to preserve a good reputation for their brand. Online reputation management refers to the process involved in keeping track of and replying to various comments regarding their brand. There are many platforms where these conversations can appear, and not all of them may be positive. For any business to succeed in managing its reputation online, monitoring closely and responding appropriately to whatever is said about its brand is a must. 

The online reputation of any business cannot be taken for granted. People form judgments from what they see online, and what others comment about a brand impacts their decision. First impressions last and can be challenging to change. A company’s online reputation is how people view the business and verbalize it. Therefore, it is essential to respond to reviews from customers to protect the online reputation of the company and the people who run it. Apart from monitoring specific platforms, emails, and opinions on articles about the brand, it is necessary to pay attention to prominent people in the same industry. Through this process, companies can discover new opportunities for marketing in their specific industry as they are privy to relevant conversations.

For any business to maintain a positive online reputation, there are some strategic methods to manage its online reputation and the things people write about it. Here are some of them.

Respond swiftly and politely

When customers write comments or reviews about a brand, they expect acknowledgment at the fastest possible time. It shows that a company values the opinions of their customers and are ready to address any issues or concerns they raise. Apart from the timely response to these comments, it is essential to maintain courtesy and treat customers with respect. Addressing them by their first names adds a personal touch, making them feel a relationship between themselves and the business. It also brings a more human character into the response, signifying that the reactions to their comments are personally handled by the people running the company. Dealing with specific concerns is necessary while playing up positive aspects and ensuring that the company will address issues accordingly.

Research on negative comments before responding to them

It is always best to research a negative comment or review before responding to it. Understanding why a customer is not satisfied with a product or service helps provide the best response to their concern. For instance, a review about unsatisfactory service may require talking with staff members about the specific incident that resulted in a customer’s unpleasant experience. In addition, there may be instances where someone leaves an unfavorable review for another business, which may be an honest mistake. Through research, business owners can address people politely with complete knowledge about the negative comment and respond appropriately. In cases of mistaken identity, having customers know about it will allow them to delete their negative comments.

Offer the customer a solution to their concern

Most people who give negative reviews about a specific business can be swayed to continue making purchases when their concerns are solved. Apologies may not be enough, and until the problem is solved, a customer may not be willing to conduct business with the company. By offering the customer a solution and carrying through with it, trust is rebuilt, and they will appreciate the effort put in to address their concerns with the proper course of action.

Negative reviews can happen to any business as it is natural not to be able to please everyone. However, steps should be taken to reduce negative comments as it reflects the company and what they offer. By responding and showing concern for customer satisfaction and using customer review softwares to track them effectively , a business can enjoy positive reviews and happier customers.